Solder Station 50W  08-600

Solder Station 50W 08-600

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TMC Temperature Controlled Solder Station

Adjustable Temperature: 150ºC to 450ºC (302ºF to 842ºF)

Detachable Solder Iron with DIN Plug

Heavy Duty Solder Stand

Heating Element: 50W

Extra Long Life Tip

Use only TMC replacement Tips: 608-TIP, 608-TIPA, 608-TIPF and 608-TIPG (Sold separately)

Use only replacement TMC Nut: 608-NUT (Sold separately)

Use only replacement Soldering Iron: 08-600-IRON (Sold separately)

Use only replacement Heating Element: 608-50HEAT (Sold separately)

Available replacement Sponge: 608-SPONGE (Sold separately)

Packaging: 10pcs. per Master carton


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